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Art for No Agenda 98

Episode for Sunday May 17th, 2009

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  3. Gitmo Nation

About our Military, you are wrong!

I hate it when you talk about the military because you are always wrong. The latest was your theory of the friendly fire incident in Iraq. The incident was at a mental health facility and those killed were mental health professionals and patients. That explains why they didn’t defend themselves. They probably didn’t have weapons. Additionally, this was nowhere near the Green Zone.

The Commanding General in Afghanistan was replace not the Commanding General in Iraq.

Also, when the military does something weird sometimes it is just because we do stupid things. Conspiracy theorists often give us too much credit. The military is just people. Sometime people do stupid things like fly the Presidential 747 around the statue of liberty to take pretty pictures. I distrust the government almost as much as you but sometimes we just do stupid things that don’t involve a national conspiracy.

On a side note, I supported a Special Ops mission a few days ago in Afghanistan. The mission took down an Opiate grower and burned several hundred thousand pounds of heroin grade Opium. Probably a drop in the bucket but we do take them down sometimes. I know, I know you are going to say he was probably the competition. God love ya man!

If you repeat any of this on the show, please don’t use my name!

NWO Kevin Schmidt to adam show details May 16 (2 days ago) Reply  I don’t even know what to say about this. I just saw a commercial on tv and it said something along the lines of "kids don’t you want to walk in Obama’s shoes and be a part of great change?" Keep up the great work with No Agenda, I look forward to every show! Afghanistan: Security Raised at Kandahar Airfield??  16 May 2009 As the troops swell in and the desert mercury rises, contractors are told to wear body armor on base and carry their IDs at all times. See this email from a military contracting office to contractors: From: IDR-TCMC-Office Manager TO:list including contractors. Sent: Saturday, 16 May, 2009 4:52 PM Greetings all; The security state at KAF has been raised. Please ensure that all contractors at KAF, including visitors and transit personnel comply with the following instruction. The security dress state has changed to wearing Combat Body Armour and carrying Helmet when outside a hardened structure. Inside they are to be readily available. There is also now an additional alarm sounding which is a warbling alarm, and is the warning of a Ground Attack and all personnel should move inside a building and await further instructions. Instructions for Op * which will cover this procedure will be disseminated in the near future. All contractor personnel are to ensure that they carry their ID on them at all times. Further information is available from the TCMC if required. Game on, Dutch government to pay salaries of 60 newspaper journalists

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