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No Agenda was originally billed as a show that has no jingles. Somewhat inspired by an episode of family guy, No Agenda adopted several jingles and sound bytes as a parody of mainstream radio stations. Most of the jingles are written and preformed by Geoff Smith.

List of Jingles[]

  • In the morning!- One of the original sound bytes, "In the Morning!" is a parody of classic DJ catch phrases.
  • And now back to real news- The show refers to news fluff pieces as "Real News". Adam and John will frequently mention celebrity gossip or unimportant news pieces as a critique of mainstream media.
  • Don't look over here... Nothing to see here... Ooh look at that- Played when referring to clear attempts to distract the general public from what is happening around them
  • It's a Fractal- Played when referring to John's fractal theory. This theory says that major events are all fractals and therefor repeat at set intervals throughout history.
  • 33, announcing 33 - Produced by on the tweeter user @patrikbiz with GarageBand, this jingle introduces the section of the show highlighting news headlines containing the number 33, better known as the magic number. The crackpot theory suggests that frequent 33s are broadcasted to propagate messages to elites for triggering yet unknown [suspicious] activities. The jingle wanted to reproduce the ambiance of a Big Brother public train station where both slaves and elites transit during which an announcement, preceded by a typical musical harmony, is transmitted via an overamplified voice.

Progression of No Agenda Jingles[]

thumb|300px|left|Fan-created No Agenda jingle progression montage