Art for No Agenda 12

Episode for Saturday January 12, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

  • Intro, Adam flies over the UK
  • Las Vegas and John's take on gambling
  • We talk about the junk at CES and malls
  • Rants and raves on counterfeit products
  • John on Vegas hotels - elevators and restaurants
  • What? France and Sarkozy?
  • John visits the Pinball Hall of Fame
  • Private jets and Tesla cars
  • Opinions on alternative fuels and demo cars
  • Lawsuits in UK and US - Curry vs. MTV
  • Are accents racist? What next?
  • What the... Reality shows
  • Tech: headphones
  • Is imitation of No Agenda really flattering?
  • The origin of "Dvorak"
  • Kids and security