Art for No Agenda 18

Episode for Friday February 22, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

  • Stairwells and bubble wrap
  • Let's go shooting!
  • More fun with the TSA - have you been to Nebraska?
  • Cheese with deep Ellen
  • Can anyone make tea?
  • Adam's portable super sound mashup and his one man band (patent pending)
  • Campaign donations plus super delegates - Obama is in!
  • McCain wins - John's story and he's stickin' to it
  • Adam: Let's go buy some debt at auction
  • John: Debt - It's all Clinton's fault
  • Listener feedback
  • U.S. shoots down satellite
  • Follow-up on T-shirts and socks
  • Can you buy a real car?
  • Otto Diesel revs to 1000 rpm in his grave
  • Last week's Cranky Geeks with Leo and Adam
  • More cars - $50 to drive into London
  • John on global warming and wines
  • Bubba the Lovesponge gets creds