Art for No Agenda 19

Episode for Saturday March 1, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

  • The new Beijing airport terminal; we need a road trip with shopping.
  • Snooty sommeliers, from paint thinner to Grappa.
  • Akamai and Limelight patent suits - commenters are poorly informed.
  • John's CBS Marketwatch column and Adam's "live and die by Comscore clicks."
  • We rant on Google - they control both the buy and sell side. Is Google dying?
  • Why didn't Google, Yahoo or someone else hire this guy? Non-compete?
  • Reader feedback. What the ...
  • Why are we (possibly) censored in Dubai?
  • Text messages and SMS delivery.
  • Do bank CEOs tell the truth? Bank stocks are down by half.
  • I said this in 1912, and I'm right! (Just for clarification)
  • Do we still make anything in America?
  • U.S. still awarding govt. contracts overseas.
  • Story of the week - "skin privileged", deciphering other PC code words.
  • Podcasting monetization and "grantsmanship."