Art for No Agenda 23

Episode for Sunday March 23, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

  • Mavericks at JP Morgan and Bear Stearns
  • The Canadian dollar, Spitzer and the war
  • Patricia judges "Holland's Got Talent"
  • Phorm ads - the end of ISPs and security
  • Obama, Hillary and Rush Limbaugh = Operation Chaos
  • Is Hillary bossy and profane to her Secret Service?
  • Ah, the dollar, what's next? Predictions.
  • Spitzer was hard, er, harsh on crime
  • OMG, it's porn city! With 1,000s of pictures!
  • John, what's the deal with Tibet??
  • Blame the Olympic Committee
  • Let's decode another John C. Dvorak list:
  • Shall we discuss ... laundry detergent?
  • The tongue story
  • A glassware mess
  • Do you live in a Four Seasons house?
  • Argentine ants (and chicken bones)
  • My fish is bigger than your fish
  • Vasectomies!?! Now let me get this straight...
  • Dogs get scraps
  • Intermission - John's Deli
  • San Tuku / Ross: What is it?
  • Crunchy hot dogs
  • Adam's