Art for No Agenda 24

Episode for Saturday March 29, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

  • Politically Correct - there are a lot of cultures that...
  • Tesco British grocery stores will fail
  • Bangers and soymilk
  • Scr*w that Dvorak Yank, bag this!!
  • Our plastic ocean surrounds Midway Island, surrender now
  • Back to "Fresh and Easy"; TX and Seattle will kick butt
  • Adam's going to get some email
  • Are you a qualified gas pumping jockey?
  • Alert the media - John doesn't shop every day!
  • Adam's good joke of the day
  • John eats grits. Oh, and they must have that gourmet Fumee de Sel salt
  • Adam's beef with UAFA and UK's tax code, which leads to the the next topic,
  • The Money Masters - the big banks rule the world
  • Skull and Bones
  • Let's go programming!
  • More on BAA's Heathrow row
  • Juiced? Joost? Canseco? Just report what you see
  • Patricia is on "Holland Got Talent"
  • John and Adam argue about TV's programming choices. Who wins?