Art for No Agenda 26

Episode for Saturday April 12, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

  • Email is this generation's snail mail
  • Adam's "laptop spying" scoop: Bamboozle 'em with Skype!
  • Inspector John and the summer jobs
  • How those summer jobs tie in with the FAA / AA fiasco
  • Adam rants on airline maintenance, John explains "out of spec"
  • Adam's SFO airport customs adventure
  • Reader comments: we're on to clocks, mikes and quality
  • The history of tetraethyl lead and disintegrating cars
  • Let's go flying in a non-spec aircraft
  • John and Adam's weird restaurant adventure
  • Tires, restaurants, competence - how many stars?
  • Miss USA - the cookie cutters, is it rigged?
  • Swamp Thing!