Art for No Agenda 28

Episode for Sunday April 27, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

We begin with the travel and weather highlights, and quickly we're off to, once again, John's twitter adventures. Let's complain about DVDs, too. John becomes the "curmudgeon." Adam wants to gripe about domain names and brings up "Mevio" and Web 2.0 user-generated content. Now we wonder about spontaneous generation of fish and... tea? Adam needs to change his name to David.

Is LA dying? Adam veers off into a discussion of Hollywood and Robert Evans' audio autobiography. John jumps in with "Shoot Out" by Peter Guber and how Hollywood might recover. This turns into a Hollywood biz and name discussion. Adam brings up DVDs and the internet. Is everything in Hollywood now done on "spec?"

Since we're on Hollywood, why not bring up the Wesley Snipes tax story? Adams tells us that apparently, some people actually have to pay income taxes or go to jail. John decides this jail time is a publicity stunt to scare the public. Adam brings up the "luxury jail." John says, "What is wrong with this picture??"

Buttons, badges and posters for Green Week! John is suspicious, and has a report on Bill Maher. Adam brings up the current food price increases and oil company prices. John counters with an excellent idea that used to be the law. What happened to it?

John grows a canola plant (har!) Let's discuss green, like soy milk, canola oil, and... China?? Has John got a deal for you! Are the Chinese going to take over Africa?

Adam moves right into a new topic -- Victoria and prostate cancer -- and has an interesting question. What do sheep have to do with this? It's the tunnel.

John manages to bring up and the eyesore of the month. "Why didn't I think of that?" And let's go to Next, both go into "our childhood working class" backgrounds. We'll head to potatoes and Peru, and how Americans just want cheap. Adam gives up his thoughts on the polygamy compound, John gives Texas a beating. [Ed. Bubba blames one of John's opinions on the FBI].

We learn about Gordon Ramsey and his "Kitchen Nightmare" show in the US and UK. John and Adam argue this with some great stories. Is it a business consultant show? Find out how this leads to the Regal Royal Hotel and Englebert Humperdink. Uh-oh, here comes Mike Tyson and a John "New York Moment." Adam brings up the new video business model: Music Videos With Advertising.

John asks, "What would happen if the web right now is 'it'." Adam gives some good answers and explains MTV's numbers. John gripes about today's TV lineup. Adam counters with UK programming and its excellence.

Will No Agenda remain ad-free? Adam and John wonder about this again. Maybe they should get one big sponsor...

The internet will be full by 2010. Uh-oh, it's full now. Go home.