Art for No Agenda 33

Episode for Friday May 30, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

You never know what to expect. First up, trends. Adam starts with the huge protests in Europe about gas and diesel prices. John, as a petroleum engineer, wonders the why the diesel prices have exceeded the price of gasoline. What about TV ads for railroads? And UK carbon ration cards? Adam nails it -- it's all about new taxes and an Al Gore scam.

Adam rolls right into Scott McClellan's new book. John thinks there's something fishy about this one, a tell-all from a former White House Press Secretary. We're off to conspiracy theories and some good arguments ensue. Swoon. And why are we talking about the Osmonds?

Sharon Stone says the Chinese Earthquake was caused by "bad karma," which leads to a discussion of China and... "Sex In The City"? The banter just naturally wanders to women's porn and handbags. Let's do a test -- if you take your date to this movie will you "get lucky?" "Email Adam and include all the details!"

We detour onto the the NASCO highway and the mess that it's become. Adam recommendeds this Marcy Kaptur video. John points out that we've been blogging about this for a year. [Ed. remembers Ross Perot predicting, "That giant sucking sound you hear will be all our jobs leaving for Mexico"] John makes some good points about goods unloaded in Mexico instead of Vancouver. Is it all about China? Who is out to "get" Lou Dobbs? John thinks a lot of this might be giant corporate propaganda.

What was Adam thinking, criticizing Madonna during a TV guide interview? Here come some good anecdotes about publicity and the media. Oh, it has to be "GaNew" Linux. Adam's Media title of the week: "Combative Commissioner For Information In Society." What the...? Oh yeah, we're running out of IP space.

Adam pats us all on the back for banning cluster bombs. John decides "It's Cluster Bomb Week!" How did this get to be the top of the news? John counters with "Monkey Brains Move Robot Arms." Adam claims Belgium will split in two, and Inbev will purchase Anheuser Busch. You'll have to listen to hear John's reaction and the marketing stories for Bud. Why isn't this all over the US press?

John and Adam argue about last week's TWiT, the stories and the guests. "Now you're acting like Bubba." [Ed. won't forget this, see "Spanish Inquisition"] This wanders into Twitter and blogs, like the sex exploits of "Girl With A One Track Mind." Let's get cranky about streaming and the copy/paste culture. John describes his camera and techniques for "walking." Adam gets complaints and John gripes about the lack of cameras with geotagging.