Art for No Agenda 34

Episode for Friday June 6, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

It's summer, let's get started. Voicemail? Nah. Text messages are worse, they just don't get through.

Adam gets flak for Obama's apparent democratic nomination. What about the murders in Obama's former church? John's responses include some intriguing theories. Adam's "everyone's a reptile" rant is a good one.

Adam's Russia story: Geologist discovers new mineral that absorbs nuclear waste. John diverts to São Paulo and a rock shop. Now we're off to the Vatican and other archives. Can you imagine what has been collected? Why not visit NYC and Ted Leonsis, too? Who is this guy? John gets back to the hotel lobby and interesting newspapers. Must we turn to the UK for US news?

Adam claims the Chinese are invading the UK, including some, er, gardening diversions. John detours into Manchuria, and who is this actress? We're off to Japan and Klingons and some history. Somehow this all ties back to Leonsis and our newspapers. John visits the business news studios (Fox, CNBC) in NYC. Adam has an interesting take on Brian Williams. Who has the best financial news? Find out why John does so few TV appearances.

We delve into ISDN spam and publishing. Who needs an agent? John tells us his ideas on how to publish a book. Now, how will we get paid? What is a 'dummy contract?' Adam counters with Patricia's record contract. Great, some legalese which morphs perfectly into...

Is the 2005 Lisbon Treaty a constitution for Europe? Adam claims only Ireland can save the EU from this 30 language mess. John sidetracks Adam's glorious moment with Twitter. Adam banters with new EU anti-terrorism laws re: currency. Oh, boy, money sniffing dogs. Are there 50 micron RFID chips in Euro bills? Adam says, "Put those bills in the microwave and find out." Is this a myth? John has no uWaves?

Back to Africa. Didn't we discuss this earlier? The Chinese are taking over and we receive some insights into the Enron Loophole. John lists the culprits responsible. What's this about tankers waiting to unload? John's anecdote about commodities trading brings up some interesting possibilities. Adam claims $150 oil is the next big deal. Will gas go back to $2 / gal.?