Art for No Agenda 38

Episode for Monday July 7, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

Greeting from AC and JCD, and a nest of hornets. How was your 4th of July? John and Adam rant about Chinese fireworks.

John's new book, "Recessions" is due out "any minute now." What are his predictions for the economy? Adam laments the new taxes in the UK and asks, "Will we invade Iran?" He points out the latest funding for covert operations.

John discusses his recent travels to SeaTac and Expert Traveller. Has the TSA sold out? And what about the Black Diamond Expert Lane? John claims it wasn't a great traveling experience.

Off to miscellaneous. How do we segue into Adam's BBC 911 Building conspiracy theories? John laughs at the lawnchair balloonist, and the "high tofu vegetarian diet leads to dementia" articles on the blog.

Adam leads us the Codex Alimentary. John asks, "How can the French tolerate these food laws?" Welcome to the New World Order. We should all rewatch "Soylent Green." John diverts to the UK school boys disciplined for refusing to pray to Allah. Adam brings us back on track with the secret report on the World Bank. "The incredible rises in the price of food - 70% - is caused by biofuels." John blames the Greenies, and brings up stock derivatives, the Ultras. Listen to hear his explanations. Adam has some good stories about Monsanto seed and lawsuits. Is John a radical?

Guns? John talks about Gary Weaver, Ruby Ridge and the shooting of his wife. [Ed. The Weaver's won a lawsuit against the Govt.] Now a Minnesota teen is arrested for a joke on eBay for selling his vote. Adam asks, are we becoming Fascists? What happened to From here, Adam steers us to Obama and campaign funds. Is Obama becoming a politician?

We'll argue about oil prices and how they'll be affected by the election. Who takes which side and who is Lindsey Williams? See Adam's for the video.