Art for No Agenda 41

Episode for Sunday August 3, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

The Skype software debug (21 minutes) is complete, so let's start the show with a comparison of Mac and PC. Then try to get a website that compares the best cellphone plans. Adam gets a 'twitter bomb' from with an experiment.

Let's discuss another layer of government that oversees the intelligence agencies. This is not a good thing. Is the financial system in the US about to end? John reveals he uses a wooden computer as a rebellion against oil, and Adam counters with conspiracies about the banking systems. What will prop up the value of the dollar? John thinks it will be a major price drop for oil. Adam counters with the actual costs of delivering a barrel of oil.

Both argue about the current housing and lending trends. You can't get a mortgage today, is this whole thing rigged? Talk about salesmen - Adam tells us about the lenders in the UK. Have you ever heard of Lyndon LaRouche? "The dollar is going to collapse." John claims we're already at the bottom, but Adam proclaims it's still gloom and doom. Will the government bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? How about the auto and airline industries? John moves us into public transportation and why it's behind the times.thumb|300px|right|And now for something completely different in transportation, suggested by Adam

Adam mentions the Anthrax Guy and his 'suicide'. These crazy guys go right for the murder and conspiracy theories. Was the autopsy rigged? Was it the Russians? The Chinese? Who is Jill Dando? Adam has the answer, and it's a good one. Uh oh, they switched police chiefs!

How about the hydroxy booster for the home? Adam thinks it's great and John says it's all BS and next we get a chemistry lesson about margarine. Can you store H2 in a brick? Just wait until your car catches on fire from a "rupture proof" 10,000 PSI hydrogen tank. John has an interesting story about cat screeching and hydrogen cars. That and a rusty tailpipe.

We're back to Lyndon LaRouche and his webcast. We're all gonna die! And dying may be less difficult than tweaking open source software, including today's Skype linkup.

John wants to talk about Obama and Letterman's new deal, the "Annoying Word Of The Day." Letterman's first candidate word? Veep-stakes, the vice president sweepstakes. There are, what, 75 different media references to this? And let's not forget "Great Moments In Presidential Speeches." How does this tie into Star Trek? And who is Max Mosely? You'll have to listen to this one, it's not bloggable.

China's not doing a great job of cleaning the air for the Olypics, yet they make a lot of the pollution control devices for us. Here's why you want an electrostatic precipitator. Have the Olympics slowed down the Chinese run to freedom? "Doom" seems to be a good business.