Art for No Agenda 42

Episode for Saturday August 9, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

Once again, from the UK and the Pac NW, it's time for No Agenda. Are you an Olympic addict? John isn't too excited but Adam is ready. Maybe it's the costumes and the ratings. How clean did the Chinese manage to get the air (er, mist). Adam is coming to the US for another Olympian sized adventure through Customs. What kind of tricks are in store? This leads to the White House and falsified documents for the Iraq invasion. Adam has some interesting perspectives from the UK standpoint.

Suddenly we're in Africa with the Currys ca. 1968, with some stories and conversion of Super8 to DVD. John wants to know about the transcription process and how long will this media version last? Cripes, we're drinking flavored tea! Great, more cameras in UK grocery stores so 16 year-olds can buy booze and can't buy paracetemol. And now we have more erosion of free speech rights in the U.S. Why is the John Edwards story so important in the UK?

Adam has more UK politics and brings up Obama being 'booed' and Paris Hilton's video. How is that affecting politics in the UK? John does some research about both stories and wonders why Edward's affair with Rielle Hunter isn't the UK news? Adam: She's not hot! Adam moves on to the Bruce Ivens suicide. How does this fit in with Nicola Tesla? Oh, no, energy is all a global conspiracy. John brings us back down to earth with physics and "Maybe it's the water in Britain" or island fever. What's next? Anti-gravity?

Let's go back to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Adam says the UK is going into bankruptcy. John's tip: Wait until after the election to invest. Has Obama already won? Will Hillary contact the superdelegates and convince them to vote for her? John asks, "Did Obama ever have a real job? [Ed. No] Is this man ready to direct the US?" John's prediction: Both Hillary and Obama are unelectable.

John brings up his idea that McCain may have hired a professional humor writer, re: the Obama Tire Pressure Policy. How about the Republican tire pressure gauge labeled The Obama Energy Policy? And Obama counters with a gem. Who actually produced the now-famous Paris Hilton Energy Policy video? John cites the chronology of these YouTube videos and which party they support. Who wrote and produced these gems? Adam thinks some ideas may be taken from George Bush speeches.

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