Art for No Agenda 47

Episode for Saturday September 13, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

From Gitmo Nation, it's your weekly tuneup -- No Agenda! Some excellent news from Adam, we've reached over 100,000 listeners per week! Uh, oh - the bad weather has hurt the wheat crop, what will the crop circle aliens do now? Will food prices come down once they've gone up? More bad news, 89,000 Britons stranded as XL Travel goes belly up in the UK. John wonders why this news tops the Lehman Brothers collapse. Adam brings up the greenies and the CO2 tax. Adam's new theory: the Georgia invasion is part of the "drill oil, baby, drill" mentality to destroy the entire banking system and, gasp, population reduction?

After Adam points out the latest Chunnel accident, we get sidetracked into terrorism and John asks, are the new laws against liquids on aircraft really against terrorism, or is it a great plot just to keep people from overpacking? Adam's new show: "To Hell In A Handbasket!" Real stories of executions live on TV!

How does this tie into Obama's "lipstick on a pig?" John wonders about Obama's insult about "stinky fish." No one will touch that one. Adam claims this whole celebrity culture idea is hurting the Obama camp and John seems to agree. John: "There's no reason the Republicans should win this election, and the Democrats are delivering nothing on their Congressional promises from 2 years ago."

Now that Fannie May and Freddie Mac have gone into the dumper, this so big that no one know hows to unravel all these derivative deals. How many have made millions from Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros. going into the tank? Is the fix in? John suggests hyperinflation so it can all be paid off with bogus money. Maybe this will be the new bubble decade. Adam wants to know "where the next bubble is." John claims the Chinese are threatining to "call in" in the debt.

Bill Clinton says Obama will win handily. John thinks Obama looks gassed. Is this because Bill doesn't want Hillary in the 2012 race? John has some entertaining theories about who wants Obama out of the race. Adam backs this trend up with some good ideas of his own. Adam asks John, "Who is Cynthia McKinney?"

Adam brings up another conspiracy theory about the 757 that "hit the Pentagon" -- it didn't crash but released a missile, then flew on according to the "recovered, rebooted black box." John has some good arguments, and Adam asks, "then what really happened to Flight 93?" Adam does have one valid point about "evil people" in business. We'll leave it to the listener to pick it out.