Art for No Agenda 49

Episode for Saturday September 27, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

So close, yet so far away, from Gitmo Nation it's time once again for No Agenda! Let's jump right into the Presidential candidate debate. How about CNN's ridiculous "real time focus group polling?" Adam brings up this moderator question, "How will you rule the country?" Rule the country? Obama, "Seven hundered billion is potentially a lot of money." Uh, OK. John reviews the instant poll results and what spiked the reactions. Listen to the show for their synopsis and conclusions.

Next, the VP debate! They discuss Sarah Palin and how she has been groomed for the debate and the job. This really riles John up.

Miscellaneous ramblings: Adam rants about the melamine scandal in China and the deaths caused by the cervical cancer vaccine. How about Warren Buffet pumping $5 Bn into Goldman-Sachs? Are they part of the shadow government? WaMu is in the news. The UK's largest mortgage lender is about to go belly up. What will Adam do with his gold bars?

The EFF is suing the government over a new copyright treaty and can't even talk about it. John wonders Why this is so secret. What does Rodney Dangerfield have to do with all this? Listen to hear about some expert witness cases John has worked.

Why are we discussing dishwashers? We now know more than the pros, including how to pronounce "drawer." We're off into the world of accents and idioms, ya'll.

Adam laments that the UK economy is in the tank. The answer? Drink more! Let's discuss British politics and the Office of the Exchequer. Somehow this merges into the U.S. being the Saudi Arabia of coal and wind power.

Adam investigates Bill Gates and claims he won't be winning any Nobel Peace prizes for his foundation. Is Bill Gates Mr. Burns?

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