Art for No Agenda 50

Episode for Friday October 3, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

It's time once again for Joe Six Pack and The Soccer Moms -- No Agenda from the Gitmo Nation is on the air. "She had me from hello" says Adam, in reference to Sarah Palin in the VP debate. John thinks Joe Biden kicked some serious butt. This with a moderator about to release a pro-Obama book.

John is enamored with CNN's graphic on screen of approval ratings - men vs. women in Ohio. Should we take the vote away from women? John and Adam discuss even the small things, like the set, Palin and Biden's dress and look, the sound, clock tricks, even mannerisms and innuendos. Adam decides this may be the greatest reality show ever on TV.

John wonders if this debate actually saved the McCain campaign. Did the media actually screw up so big (Katie Couric) that the public is clued in? Adam points out that TV is slipping, we may no longer pick our leaders like we pick our washing powder.

John relates his notes on approval ratings based on topics: mavericks, corruption and greed, finanacial crises, theocracy, hockey moms, parenting, Iraq and more. Adam has interesting comments about each, including Biden's reputation as an actor for just this type of speech. Did Palin miss an opportunity here?

A very interesting point by your pundits: Sarah Palin may be like country music and NASCAR -- everyone laughs about them but the numbers in mainstream America are huge. Adam has some fun with Palin's "axis of evil" and surprises John. Did Biden come off as a bigot?

Adam defines a "community organizer," which leads to some interesting insights about salesmen and political parties. John nearly gets into trouble with this one. Would ethnic salemen make good politicians? Adam points out how the American work ethic is much different than others around the world. John has a great moment with a story of the Cantonese checker, you'll have to listen for a good laugh.