Art for No Agenda 60

Episode for Saturday December 6, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

From Gitmo Nation East and West it's time for another episode of No Agenda. First up, the Canadian revolution. Where is our satellite feed for CBC? Will PM Harper be ousted? Let's hear from the Queen, maybe she knows what happened to satirical TV.

Adam brings up a tale of murder in Gilford (his home), replete with choppers and automatic weapons. And all this time you thought Bobbies had no BFGs. What's the public doing? Sitting at home watching "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here." How does this lead to revolution? John wants to know, and Adam brings up interesting parallels with America's situation and the French Revolution.

John swerves into similarities about the collapse of the East India TC and today's oil market. Will gasoline hit $1.00 / gallon? John has some interesting comments, including info on double shorts. Where is the SEC when Goldman Sachs is touting $200 oil and shorting it at the same time?

Adam brings up the 8 trillion dollar bailout and John has his say about the supposed 'boom' when Obama takes office. What do they think will happen? You'll have to listen to this one -- good times or bad?

Now, how does this tie in to Basmati rice? John gets going on his rice story.

Adam deftly changes the conversation and brings up the Supreme court case re: Obama and his eligibility to be President. This leads to more discussion of the bailout money, especially in the auto industry. Adam starts thinking about WW III. John asks, "What happens when the Muslims get majority control of France?"

On to the spirit of Christmas, and the Black Friday body count. Sales and deaths, both up. We'll move on to Wal-Mart and the corporate culture therein. Is this culture why their employees locked arms to stall the sales stampedes?

One good joke -- John gets a telemarketer call during the netcast! Har! John reveals his job history of working in a boiler room and some cool tales from the telemarketer days. Wine, anyone? Guess who wins -- don't miss this one.