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Art for No Agenda 61

Episode for Saturday December 13, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

  • The Ponzi Scheme now revealed, to the tune of $50Bn - it's Bernard Madoff, former head of NASDAQ, the father of modern Wall Street.
  • What is a terrace house? Adam explains.
  • Global warming -- Guildford, Houston, N.O., Washington and the East Coast have the coldest start to winter in many years.
  • Want to buy some carbon credits? Have we got a deal for you, or you could join the lawsuit against the IPCC and Al Gore now!
  • We review the Slingbox, a thorn in the foot of the satellite and cable companies.
  • Women dominating the internet. Good grief! Now it's the onslaught of teenage nude pictures.
  • Let's get into netcast production values and (what?) hookers,
  • Rod Blagojevich (D) and Obama - any connections? What a fine public servant.
  • John and Adam wager on Obama's popularity next June 30. Any takers?
  • Off to the deli. What is linguisa? A good discussion of spices ensues, and enter the FDA.
  • Formula 1 is in trouble. $300Mn per team (with pilots) for a year and the industry wonders why.
  • Formula 1 this. Let's discuss the bailout for the entire car industry.
  • Adam brings up the Lisbon treaty, and the corruption therein.
  • Canadian listeners are honked. Can these two, er, netcasters, actually catch up on Canadian politics? Slingbox!
  • Goldman predicts oil to hit $30/barrel. An awkward U-turn after $200 prediction. John predicts $30 is within sight.
  • We've come full circle, more about Charles Ponzi.