Art for No Agenda 62

Episode for December 20, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

  • From Gitmo Nation East and West, it's No Agenda! Adam leads off with the #1 rock group of the lowlands from *Patricias's TV show.
  • John brings up an old column, "Liars, cheaters and thieves" in response to Adam's rowdy kids. Follow the logic - this leads to riots?
  • Adam has some fun with airport security. John counters with 2 good books - Sinclair Lewis' "It Can't Happen Here" and (author unknown) "Life And Death In Shanghai"
  • Let's discuss equating Obama with Hitler and the *President's creative bookeeping. How does Wall Street fit in?
  • Adam brings up the undersea cables that were cut last week. 14 countries lose international internet access.
  • John discusses the controversies surrounding Obama's selection of cabinet and inauguration personnel. More on Obama and Hitler.
  • Is the military involved in "illegal" DUI checkpoints? This is disturbing.
  • Looks like the Earth's magnetic field is flipping. Oh, no, it's the 2012 end of the Earth doom and gloom!
  • What is all this mess about a digeredoo and barren women? *Watch out, Nicole Kidman. Not bagpipes!
  • One word - Tamiflu.
  • Let's look at the Reuters News internet pages. Hmmmm... *More junk that's not news. Where's the real news?
  • Why bother travelling when the Pound is equal to the Euro? *Don't come to London, there's nothing to see.
  • We don't want an educated public. Don't bother wasting the 10,000 hours.
  • It's time for a new world order. Good, since no one knows the name of the Secretary of State.
  • Will OPEC jack the oil prices up again? We'll see what Obama can do about it. Har!
  • Don't miss the Federal Government employment internet / radio advertisement!
  • "The Greatest Depression" - look for it soon in an interest rate near you. Here it comes, listen to John's scenarios.