Art for No Agenda 63

Episode for Saturday December 27, 2008

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Show NotesEdit

  • From Gitmo Nation East (freezing) and West (balmy) it’s time for a Christmas No Agenda!
  • Let’s start with Airline gags and the genius of Herb Kelleher (Southwest Airlines).
  • What’s with this new TV show, Homeland Security, USA?
  • Bubba’s jibe at John and Adam, groaning about the documentation — see time code 11:11.
  • Garage sale! Better start rewriting those old CDs.
  • The world according to Monsanto.
  • How far will the Madoff scandal go? Pay back that money!
  • The CIA bribes Afghanistan warlords with … Viagra?
  • Name a product that actually affects you chemically and emotionally. 1AA Football? Could be.
  • Now waiting for the Mythbuster’s story on the World Trade Center.
  • The dumbing down of America.
  • How does an English bookie business rack up a 1.4 Bn pound debt?
  • Let’s collect art. John gets an invite to the Vatican.
  • Wonder who’s angry about the 100 mi. constitution free zone around the American border…
  • Do not visit San Francisco, and here’s why.