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Art for No Agenda 64

Episode for January 3, 2009

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Show Notes[]

  • From Gitmo Nation East and West, it's time for No Agenda!
  • Adam has moved and set up a new studio, but KD's download (Windows Media) sound is distorted at the beginning.
  • Anyone else get better reception on downloads or real time play? Adam and John want to know.
  • Silent computers are cool, according to John.
  • Stock market questions from users.
  • More 'greener' whining about hydro power, a major contributor to global warming?!? Propaganda from the oil industry?
  • TV wants us to just eat oats. Green this!
  • The shifting of the 10 yr. oscillation of the Pacific current has arrived, so get ready for global cooling.
  • Don't go to Yellowstone, there are 100 quakes a day!
  • Zune bricked by leap second? Har.
  • How about a job with the CIA? Here's the commercial. Terrorist or Capt. Kirk? No problem.
  • The CIA and Gina - here's the (planted) story.
  • The Gaza conflict and journalism. What's the real story here, and which news source will you believe?
  • John lets everyone know about Bloomberg. Now let's hear about the new taxes.
  • Sell the States, one by one, we'll begin with Minnesota.
  • The never ending search for carbon credits. What's a tree worth in carbon credits?