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Episode for January 10, 2009

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Show Notes[]

  • From a river of, er, uh... well, it's time for your weekly old guy gabfest, No Agenda!
  • Let's get started with the tradeshows and podsafe music. Hello ASCAP and BMI.
  • Gold album? Here's your CD with the plastic frame.
  • Adam gets invited to see the Queen - what, no calligraphy? The Queen is hip -- the RSVP is by email.
  • Will Adam record his visit via hidden mike? We wonder how tight security is.
  • Oh, goodness, we'll talk about UFOs and the Flying Spaghetti Monster with carbon credits.
  • How does Madoff get $173,000,000 worth of checks in his desk drawer? We wonder if Robert Reuben and the Russian Mafia is upset.
  • Keep those old shoes, you're going to need to throw them at politicians.
  • British Telecom - all your communications are belong to us.
  • Tony Blair gets the Medal of Honor from George Bush. What? Who wants to design it?
  • John's in love with coal fires in the fireplace, Adam is honked. How do Al Gore and Ted Kennedy fit in?
  • Do the new light bulbs actually save the environment?
  • I want to be a pirate! (Of Somalia)
  • Adam's going to S. Africa. John claims the baboons run the place.
  • Phil Specter gets off, a hung jury. Oh, and the CIA killed John Lennon. Hmmm...
  • We're off to the bees, the weird bees. It's a bee consipiracy.
  • Aspartame and Ashcroft - another conspiricy theory, and what about Obama's new Monsanto guy?
  • The dumbing down of America and the digital TV switchover. Why? So we can have the traffic channel! And God TV!
  • Obama might be able to delay the switchover.