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Episode for January 24, 2009

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Show Notes[]

  • From Gitmo Nation East and West, where you may ask "What your government can do to you", it's time for No Agenda!
  • We'll start with public television, where the British "PBS" shows commercials and loses 100M pounds per year.
  • Without your TV license, the coppers can break, enter and seize your TV. This for the privelege of watching commercials.
  • Will the press eat Obama alive? So far, he's attempting to orchestrate his press conferences. The secrecy has begun.
  • What? No Lincoln Bible during the 2nd Obama swearing into office? Which is the real Obama?
  • Adam brings up the "UFO" photographed during the inauguration ceremony.
  • Oh, Good Grief! Tis' the Obama jingle mess.
  • Chocolate is at an all time high. Some of these new flavors are just weird. And don't forget the kids.
  • Seems that Obama is spending $100,000 to make over the private quarters in the White House. Change you can believe in.
  • More conspiracy theories, starting with Flight 1549 and the Kennedys.
  • Goodbye, Hillary Clinton.
  • Hello, Tom Swift.
  • One world government, and Obama. Oh, joy, one world big bad*ss bank. The Bank Of England to back it up? Har!
  • We discuss India vs. Pakistan, and what the American involvement might be.
  • Let's see, Obama says, "Our goal is to capture Bin Laden." Now, it's "Well, he's in a cave somewhere, so we win." What??
  • Off we go into discussions of left vs. right hand drive in the UK and other countries.
  • How about some old Top 40 radio? Let's remember those days and how some have morphed into today's netcasts.
  • Here's Dave Winer's review of JCD's thoughtful acting and crankiness. There are two types of journalists...