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Episode for February 1, 2009

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Show Notes[]

  • From Gitmo Nation East (where the Brits are grabbing the pitchforks and torches) and West, it's No Agenda!
  • Jack Welch is everywhere. Obama screwed up by saying, "It's going to get worse before it gets better."
  • First Presidential order of business, let's violate the other orders.
  • Don't mess with the IRS or creditors, unless you like junk and lawyer mail. Who's the crook here?
  • We delve into the stimulus package, is Obama saving jobs or creating them?
  • Let's send Joe Biden out on some "useful" tasks. Har!
  • It's dinner time, we'll eat at Zuni. Hope you like oysters. Hey, is the wine guy here?
  • Thank the Governor of CA for the "Health Tax" line item on that dinner ticket.
  • More on Jack Welch, we guess he's not "TV appropriate."
  • Homeland Security and FEMA camps, a prize winning combination.
  • Gordon Brown in the morning, and rioting in France.
  • It's commercial time, call your doctor! John has his way with Super Bowl ads.
  • Adam takes us back to Davos and the trade show fest.
  • Let's visit Ban Ki-Moon, Sec'y Gen. of the UN and Shimon Peres. What a conference.
  • John describes the tens of thousands of motor scooters in Taipei, and the red juice. Betel Nut juice, woo-hoo!
  • The United Nations, the "Law Of The Sea," and Hillary Clinton. I'm the boss of 7/10 of the globe!
  • John describes the book that was sent around the world. You'll have to listen to this one. Creationism, anyone?
  • Now John wants to go back in time and take the steam train from York to Newcastle. [Ed. 116 km.]
  • Back to dinner - the winner. We go to Limon, a Peruvian restaurant. Peruvian corn. Wine on tap and it's pretty good.
  • Next, we eat at Coco. You'll have to listen to the tale of the cheese and the maitre d's feet.
  • Adam explains sparkling tea and the golden star.
  • Listen to Adam's story of how he met Patricia. I would have never guessed.