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Art for No Agenda 88

Episode for Sunday April 12, 2009

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Show NotesEdit

  1. EFF: On Warrantless Wiretapping, Obama is Worse than Bush
  2. Nina Olson Says We Still Need a Simpler Tax Code -
  3. When and if they respond, they will likely mention the OPML file for Radio 8, seven years ago, and Adam Curry. Separate issues, for sure. - FriendFeed
  4. World's Elite Prepare For End As Earth Said Ready To Hit Reset Once Again
  5. Interview: Flaherty says he’s sticking with budget
  6. You are being lied to about pirates | San Francisco Bay View
  7. Barrack Obama brother Samson Obama refused entry to UK over allegations of attempted sex attack on young girl | News | News Of The World
  8. Polar bear attacks woman at Berlin Zoo -
  9. Moody’s Puts All Munis On Negative
  10. Otaku travel alert: be careful with your lube choices | | Japan Blog & Community for English Speakers
  11. <unluckydip> @adamcurry RT @bigboybc: @THErealDVORAK Egg - Symbol of life and rebirth, The Rabbit - symbol of fertility
  12. <macroron> @adamcurry @therealdvorak perchlorate -> O2 kills germs. corporate food preservative. incomplete perchlorate -> O2 = perchlorate to poison
  13. Goldman Sachs seeks Goldman sucks site suit • The Register
  14. Former Obama Advisor and CFR VP says 100,000+ Troops, 10+ more years needed in Afghanistan - The End Run
  15. Obama to Appeal Detainee Ruling -
  16. German soldier returns Dutch bike
  17. BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Sweden targets strippers for tax
  18. CDC Study Finds Rocket Fuel Chemical in Baby Formula | My Baby Geek
  19. Kosher Coke a big hit