There are currently several embeddable web widgets available pertaining to the No Agenda show and community. The widgets were created by users on the website The widgets allow users to embed feeds related to the show in the website easily to provide access to various aspects of the show. The first widget to be created, the Podcast widget was created by Scorpus and was mentioned in No Agenda #81.

No Agenda Podcast WidgetEdit

The No Agenda Podcast Widget is available through and provides easy access to direct links to new episodes of No Agenda. When a new podcast is uploaded by Adam Curry, the widget is automatically updated. This widget was created by Scorpus.

NA Podcast Widget


Get the Widget WidgetEdit

The Widget is available in both black and white backgrounds from The widget collects the RSS feed from and automatically provides links to the latest drops from These widgets were created by BMasi.

W NoAgendio Widget White

B NoAgendio Widget Black

Get the Widget (White)

Get the Widget (Black)

#NoAgenda Tweet Feed WidgetEdit

The #NoAgenda Tweet Feed Widget available on provides the latest tweets from Gitmo Nation from all users who tweet with the hash tag #NoAgenda. The widget is an easy way to keep track of No Agenda related tweets from all across Gitmo Nation. This widget was created by BMasi.

NA TweetFeed Widget

#NoAgenda Tweets

Get the Widget